Review: FantasyxRunners – A Unique Endless Runner With an RPG Twist

Review: FantasyxRunners – A Unique Endless Runner With an RPG Twist

There are plenty of endless runners with great gameplay, but very few focus on the characters. You would think because it’s an endless runner, and not an adventure or RPG game, there wouldn’t be any real need to bring too much attention to the character. That’s where FantasyxRunners comes in ($0.99, App Store Link).


Developed by Moonrabbit, FantasyxRunners combines RPG features with traditional gameplay of an endless jumper. There are 12 different characters to choose from. You first have to start out with the sword-wielding fighter. You earn more characters by collecting rubies throughout the game. There are a total of 5 different stages that change for every 1000m you run. As the stages change, so do the enemies.

You start the game with a melee based fighter who wields a sword. Since he has a sword, he has a close range attack. Sometimes, being an endless runner, it’s difficult to use a weapon and focus on running and jumping all at once. Besides your weapon, you can also jump on enemies. I found this a bit easier than using the weapon, just because you’re only concentrating on one thing: jumping.

Once you collect more rubies, you can purchase more characters. When you get more characters, they’ll  join you as a new member of your party, so you can have multiple characters running on the screen at the same time. If you happen to get hit by an enemy, another member of your party will take over so you don’t have to start again from the beginning.

Since you need to have a large amount of rubies to purchase most of the characters, there are quests listed at the beginning of each run. If you complete that certain quest, you’ll get more rubies to purchase characters. You can also purchase rubies through in-app-purchases if you prefer.


The graphics of FantasyxRunners look good for an endless runner. It combines 2D graphics with a 3D space. In a few ways, the game kind of has a cell-shaded look to it, especially with the characters. Most of the enemies look well done. There are a few however that don’t look as good as others. The environments and backgrounds look great, even more so than the heroes and characters. Sometimes the environments are so nice to look at, I got distracted from the gameplay a bit.


The controls of FantasyxRunners are pretty simple and easy to pick up, as any endless runner should be. The left button you use to tap once to jump and twice to double jump. The right button is used for your weapon. As I was playing the game, I did find that if I tapped the right button, it wasn’t responsive sometimes, and thus, I would die and have to start over. I did find the game pretty easy just because I was able to button mash my way through the 5 stages and of course jumping from time to time.


Overall, FantastxRunners is a great endless runner with plenty of gameplay. If you’re a fan of endless runners, RPGs, or both, don’t hesitate to pick this game up. One other great addition to FantasyxRunners is the soundtrack. It goes so well with the game and helps move the gameplay along nicely. A wider addition of enemies would be nice and more challenging. If you’re looking for a unique endless runner, check out FantasyxRunners.

Price: ($0.99, App Store Link)

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]


  • 12 different characters
  • Good Graphics
  • Nice soundtrack


  • Only 5 different stages to run in
  • Not a lot of different enemies
  • The attack button lags once in a while

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