Review: Pad & Quill Contega for iPad (3rd-Gen)

Review: Pad & Quill Contega for iPad (3rd-Gen)

In my mind, there are few things finer than the look, feel, and even the smell of leather-bound books. Pad & Quill‘s excellent cases bring the same old-fashioned allure that sets Moleskine journals a notch above the rest to the iPad.

Keeping with the tradition of constantly improving their fine hand-made leather cases, Pad & Quill has updated their popular Contega for the new iPad, bringing a number of improvements, many of which we’ve already seen in the new Octavo case for Apple’s latest iPad.


In comparison to Pad & Quill’s other offerings, the Contega stands out in several ways. Although it’s wrapped in the same luscious leather and features the same strong and lightweight wooden frame, it packs an extra trick up its sleeve: The ability to fold into a stand for watching movies or typing.

This time around, Pad & Quill has retooled almost every aspect of the Contega, adding improved shock absorption, using a new coating on the internal wood frame to make it even more beautiful, and using even higher quality materials to ensure that the Contega is even more durable than before.


Besides the typical features of Pad & Quill’s cases, such as the durable leather finish or the ability to disguise your iPad as a journal or book while traveling, the Contega’s easel feature adds a significant level of convenience, especially while traveling, as it essentially transforms into a miniature desk.

The Contega is built with discrete joints, allowing it to bend and flex without creasing it or compromising the strength or long-term durability of the leather and linen that it is built from. The case folds back into two separate positions, depending on which angle you prefer to view your iPad at.

As with the previous version of the Contega, this years “new iPad” model also has a secret slot in the back capable of holding (and concealing) a short stack of papers – one of my favorite features of the entire case!


Since the Contega for iPad 2 was already a fantastic case, improving the Contega for Apple’s didn’t involve adding new and unique features. Instead, Pad & Quill focused on improving the features that were already there, such as adding a new bumper system that prevents the iPad from actually touching the back of the case.

The new bumper system also holds the iPad more securely, providing a solution that makes it much easier to insert or remove the iPad, while improving its protection for the iPad by providing additional shock absorption.

The new Contega also features an even more durable build designed for maximum longevity, and the inner workings of the front cover has been updated to work even better with your iPad’s sleep/wake function.


Improving on greatness isn’t always easy, but Pad & Quill has done just that – by improving the materials and build quality, as well as adding shock absorption, Pad & Quill has managed to outdo themselves once again – and their customers will thank them for it.

Rating & Information[rating:5]

As I’ve stated, the Contega for iPad 2 was already a very solid case. The fact that they managed to significantly improve it at all is something of a marvel. As such, the new Contega earn a 5-star rating, and my highest seal of approval. You won’t be dissapointed.

The Contega for the new iPad is available now for $99.99,  and MacTrast readers can save 10% on either the Octavo for 3rd-gen iPad or the Contega for 3rd-gen iPad – just use coupon code MCT67! For more information, head on over to Pad & Quill’s product page on the net.


  • Sleek, professional, and durable
  • Hand-made from high quality materials
  • Improved shock absorption
  • Can hold the iPad at multiple angles
  • Features a hidden slot for holding documents.
  • Discretely disguises your iPad when not in use.


  • Adds a fair bit of weight to the iPad
  • $99 price tag may put it out of reach for some customers


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