Apple Censors ‘Jailbreak’ In US iTunes Store

Apple Censors ‘Jailbreak’ In US iTunes Store

One of the most frustrating things for a lot of people is listening to a piece of rap music when half of it is censored, but Apple has just taken ‘censorship’ to whole new level on the US iTunes Store, replacing most mentions of the word ‘jailbreak’ with a series of asterisks.

As noted by iOS hacker @planetbeing, the change has only taken effect on the US iTunes store so far and affects nearly everything that uses the term ‘jailbreak’, from apps to books to music and even iTunes U. Shoutpedia estimate that 95% of ‘jailbreak’ words are censored, some terms escaping censorship presumably because they are spelt in two words, ‘jail break’. Interestingly, this is only in the US iTunes store, with other international stores and the UK not being affected. It could either be a mistake or the start of a worldwide censorship, but if the latter is true, a lot of Thin Lizzy fans will want to start an iTunes vendetta, that’s for sure. Apple has not yet commented, but if they do, we’ll let you know.

Update 5/18/12: The word “Jailbreak” is no longer being censored.


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