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WSJ: Next-Gen iPhone to Feature ‘At Least 4-Inch’ Screen, Production to Begin in June

WSJ: Next-Gen iPhone to Feature ‘At Least 4-Inch’ Screen, Production to Begin in June

The WSJ is reporting that Apple has placed orders for screens that are at least 4 inches large for the next-gen iPhone. If true, this will result in the next generation iPhone been half an inch bigger than the iPhone 4S. People familiar with the situation also revealed that production is set to begin next month, with Apple working with several display manufacturers including Sharp and LG.

WSJ reports (via 9to5Mac):

Apple Inc., which is expected to launch its next-generation iPhone later this year, has ordered screens from its Asian suppliers that are bigger than the ones used in iPhones since they debuted in 2007, people familiar with the situation said. 

Production is set to begin next month for the screens, which measure at least 4 inches diagonally compared with 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4S, the latest phone from Apple, the people said.

Interestingly, the report does not mention whether or not the aspect ratio of the screen will remain the same. Previous reports have suggested that Apple could include a larger display by increasing its height more than its width.

Apple has remained faithful to the original 3.5 inch screen on the first iPhone from way back in 2007, so it would be a considerable change should it take place. However, Apple is under increasing pressure to compete with the larger screens of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Note, so it’s not completely unlikely that we would see such an increase in size.

Check out this concept for an idea of what a 4″ iPhone might look like.

It’s been previously reported by reliable sources that Apple’s next iPhone is expected to launch in October, and will include 4G LTE support. The device is also rumored to feature a smaller dock connector.

Update: Reuters has released a similar report confirming the details offered by WSJ, although Reuters claims the display will measure exactly 4 inches diagonally rather than “at least 4 inches,” as claimed by the Wall Street Journal.

The new iPhone screens will measure 4 inches from corner to corner, one source said. That would represent a roughly 30 percent increase in viewing area, assuming Apple kept other dimensions proportional. Apple has used a 3.5-inch screen since introducing the iPhone in 2007.