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Visualized: What a Taller iPhone With a 4-Inch Display Might Look Like

Visualized: What a Taller iPhone With a 4-Inch Display Might Look Like

Among the rumors surrounding the design of Apple’s next iPhone is a report from iLounge earlier this month, suggesting that Apple may add a 4-inch display to their next iPhone by increasing only the height of the device, with the width remaining largely the same.

If you’re like me, you might wonder what such a device might look like. Fortunately, MacRumors and Ciccarese Design have produced an excellent concept of such a device using the measurements provided by iLounge, shown next to a normal-sized iPhone 4S – and I must say, these mockups look pretty damn good!

There’s also an interactive 3D model of the mockup available, which can  be accessed through any WebGL-enabled browser. MacRumors has also provided instructions for how the interactive mockup can be viewed on Safari in OS X:

On OS X, Safari users can turn on WebGL by first navigating to Preferences -> Advanced -> Show Develop menu in menu barand then choosing the “Enable WebGL” option from the Develop menu that appears. 

There are some concerns about Apple moving to a taller display (and a new screen ratio), especially as far as app developers are concerned, as we’ve discussed in the past. It’s also worth considering that Apple reportedly has not finalized the design of the next iPhone yet, as iMore reports.

We’ll all know what Apple plans for sure in a few months, assuming that Apple releases the next iPhone in October, as expected. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and hold ourselves over with concepts like these!

  1. Buzz says:

    Although one may thing that a bigger screen would be better (movies, YouTube, etc.), the number of app rows increased by one looks very strange to me.  Of course, I would get used to it eventually but I don’t see anything wrong with the current feel.

  2. Ny152smith says:

    I am sorry but the phone better be a complete hardware redesign because some of the new Samsung phones are killing Apple on design ESP the new Samsung Galaxy S III

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