Apple Rakes In 84% of Mobile Gaming Revenue

Apple Rakes In 84% of Mobile Gaming Revenue

The war between iOS and Android rages on, and although some claim there are currently more Android handsets being sold worldwide than iPhones, Apple continues to dominate in areas of actual usage, like web traffic share. According to a new report, Apple is also walloping Android in one other significant area: mobile gaming!

VentureBeat reports (via CultofMac)

There’s a reason why so many developers feels iOS users are more valuable than Android: Apple is killing it in mobile gaming with 84 percent of all mobile gaming revenue in the US.

The report is based on a survey conducted by Newzoo. The survey collected responses from 17,000 individuals, and took revenue data from the top 200 grossing games in both the iOS App Store and the Android Market. The survey also revealed a few other interesting tidbits:

Newzoo surveyed 17,000 individuals and took revenue data from the top 200 grossing games in the iOS and Android marketplaces. In the United States, mobile gaming overall grew from 75 million to 101 million players across all platforms.

Paying players have grown 35 percent to 37 million players, and those individuals play 5 times more money in iOS games, than they do on Android.

In the end, reports like this tend to highlight one particularly important fact: even though Android is making a lot of progress, and the several thousand Android devices out there are outselling Apple’s iOS devices (5 iOS devices compared to thousands of Android devices, mind you), Apple still dominates in terms of revenue – and in actual usage of their devices.


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