Google Chrome: Coming Soon to an iPhone or iPad Near You?

Google Chrome: Coming Soon to an iPhone or iPad Near You?

According to a new research note from Macquarie Equities (via MacGasm), Google may be planning to take on Mobile Safari by bringing its popular Chrome browser to iOS. The report doesn’t provide any details other than claiming that the browser could be released sometime this quarter.

While there are a number of alternate browsers on the App Store already, Google Chrome is still in beta for Google’s own Android platform. Would Google really bring a beta version of its browser to iOS to compete with the likes of the native Mobile Safari on iOS?

It’s also unclear how Google would port Chrome’s browsing engine and Javascript processing engine to a mobile version of Chrome without using external APIs, which Apple does not allow on the App Store.

There are still a lot of questions about both the possibility and feasibility of a mobile version of Google Chrome, and I’m not convinced that the report is anything more than a guess. I suppose we’ll all have to wait to know for sure.

Assuming that Google manages to get Chrome approved for iOS, would you use it?

  1. Ian Fuchs says:

    no. I don’t use chrome in desktop version… and I only ever use Safari on iOS… I have no interest in other browsers on my mobile…

  2. JG says:

    Meh I’d give it some space on my iPhone or iPad just to see how it works.  Honestly though I don’t see it being something that will bring enough to the table to supplant Safari.  I have Chrome on the desktop but it seems to touchy and crash prone for me to use it all the time.  Hence why I don’t hold out hope for the mobile version.

  3. Bsetter says:

    I wouldn’t hesitate a second… Furthermore I’ve searched for it in iTunes several time over the past year in hope maybe just maybe it existed already.

  4. Mark MacLean says:

    Using it now on my iPhone 4s and iPad….Very smooth browsing and not likely to go back to Safari!!

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