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iOS 6 Appearing In App Developer Usage Logs

iOS 6 Appearing In App Developer Usage Logs

In yet another sign that Apple is making significant progress on iOS 6, developers are now beginning to find references to Apple’s next-gen mobile platform in their app usage logs, suggesting that Apple is already testing iOS 6 for compatibility with various App Store apps.

9to5Mac reports:

One app developer […] has recently noticed users running iOS 6 using its app. The developer observed the “iOS6″ string when collecting the OS version from analytics software. It has not been able to trace exactly when the iOS 6 users started appearing, but it was sometime over the past week. Other developers that we spoke to began seeing hits in late April.

If Apple is indeed already testing iOS 6 for compatibility with current App Store apps, that likely means that they’re getting ready to begin testing iOS on a much broader scale. Previous rumors have already suggested that the first iOS 6 developer beta may surface at WWDC in June, and 9to5Mac’s report makes that prediction seem even more likely.

It’s unclear exactly what Apple is planning for iOS 6, a little information has surfaced so far aside from reports that it will feature a mind-blowing new Maps application that will replace Google Maps, as well as new video syncing and social photo sharing features.

If previous versions of iOS are any indication, it should pack a number of new features and significant changes. Considering Apple’s strong focus on iCloud, it will likely see a number of improvements in that area as well.

With Apple’s World-Wide Developer Conference just a few weeks away, anticipation continues to mount regarding what Apple may announce about the next generation of Macs, OS X Mountain Lion, iOS 6, iCloud, and more.  I, for one, can’t want to see what they have in store.

As always, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest information as we hear it.