Micron PoP Video – A $99 Pico Projector for Your iPhone!

Micron PoP Video – A $99 Pico Projector for Your iPhone!

If you don’t have a spare $700 to plunk down on Epson’s MegaPlex MG-850HD iOS-connected projector (review), Micron can offer you the next best thing – and for just $100! Micron’s new Pop Video projector offers an inexpensive pico projector with a built-in dock connector, allowing you to project video wherever you go!

The sleek and portable PoP Video™ pico projector is the ideal iPhone or iPod touch accessory to share your favorite photos, movies, TV programs, and video clips! The PoP Video connects directly to your iPhone or iPod touch without messy cords…

The PoP Video features a built-in battery good for up to 2 hours of projection, and works with 3rd and 4th-generation iPod touches, as well as with the iPhone 4 and 4S. Micron hasn’t announced an official release date yet, but pre-orders are available now at the PoP Video website ($99).


  1. Southgatepark says:

    SWEEET!!! This is a great portable projector.

    1. I agree. I hope to be able to review one soon on MacTrast.

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