Review: Trip to Worlds – A Mobile Travel App With a Social Twist

Review: Trip to Worlds –  A Mobile Travel App With a Social Twist

Fancying myself a world traveller, Trip to Worlds for iPhone ($.99, App Store) piqued my interest.  As a trip journaling application with Facebook contact integration, the app allows users to keep track of previous trips to various countries and then encourages them to boast online to their less travelled friends.  The developers consider the app a “mobile travel headquarters with a social twist.”


Design and Function

Utilizing a simple user interact, Trip to Worlds offers the following functionality: finding Facebook contacts on a world map; showing how many contacts are in a particular country/city; designating previously visited countries on a user map; journaling features; photo gathering; and Facebook posting. The journaling feature is the main component of the app, with a Tour List that is populated by trip.

The user must complete a list of categories, all of which must be populated with information, including a photo of the trip, trip name, origin and destination country, and total distance.  My major complaint is the world map does not show a dotted travel line from origin country to visited country, nor does it automatically calculate the kilometers travelled.  Another overlooked option is the inability to travel from specific city to city or US state to state.

Sharing to Facebook is the other major component of the app.  The map lays out where your contacts are located, but you must first give up a lot of personal information (and your friends’ information) to Facebook.  Linking the app to Facebook gives Trip to Worlds access to: your email address; your interests; your likes; your photos; friends’ hometowns; and friends’ locations.  However, if you like to connect with Facebook friends and share traveled locals, this is a good option, although, the app is only for previous trips-and does allow tracking of future travels.

Conclusion [rating: 3/5]

If you are hunting for a app to keep track of your various trips with the ability to “post and boast” your information on Facebook, Trip to Worlds ($.99, App Store) is an option.  The app will keep track of visited countries and show you where your Facebook friends list their locations.  Trip to Worlds, however, is a quick fix.  There are many other travel apps available that have more utilities and present the journaled information in a much more eye pleasing way.


  • See total kilometers traveled
  • Mark visited countries on a world map
  • Connect with Facebook contacts


  • User must calculate their own distances
  • Country of origin and destination are not tracked
  • Connecting with Facebook shares personal information with the app