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What a LiquidMetal ‘iPhone 5’ Might Look Like (Concept)

What a LiquidMetal ‘iPhone 5’ Might Look Like (Concept)

There have been rumors that Apple’s next-gen iPhone could be made from LiquidMetal – a self-healing metallic glass with many unique properties. But what would a device made from LiquidMetal actually look like? French designer Antoine Brieux shows off the possibilities with his beautiful new next-gen IPhone concept (via CultofMac).

Besides the sexy LiquidMetal casing, Brieux’ concept also features a larger 4.5″ screen, a gesture-sensitive “virtual home button” (as past rumors have suggested), and a wider 16 x 9 display. Existing apps would display normally, with the home button taking up the extra screen space, while “widescreen” apps would push the home button from the screen.

It’s a beautiful concept, to be sure, but Apple’s unlikely to kill off the home button any time soon – and they’re also unlikely to change the screen size, as it would cause fragmentation issues between a new device and older iPhones.

Still, there’s definitely some interesting ideas here. Check out Brieux’ original post for the full gallery!