A Look Back At The Last Three WWDCs

A Look Back At The Last Three WWDCs

We have busy lives, and just in case you missed the three last last WWDCs, here’s a full retrospective filling you in with what you might have missed and what was announced. There have been some pretty important WWDC announcements over the years, including iPhones and software, so it might be a good idea to get up to speed before the 2012 event in just under an hour’s time.

WWDC 2011

The 2011 edition was focused entirely on new software, with OS X Lion (which had been announced beforehand), iOS 5 and iCloud all being discussed. It truly introduced the Apple community to the idea of the cloud being the central hub for all your devices, as well as announcing iTunes Match, the cloud based music organising service.

WWDC 2010

The long anticipated iPhone 4 was announced at this event after the famous Gizmodo scandal involving it, while iOS 4.0 was also introduced to go along with it. There wasn’t much else new announced, as the keynote really revolved around the iPhone 4.

WWDC 2009

A variety of products were unveiled at the 2009 edition, presented by Phil Schiller in the absence of Steve Jobs on medical leave. From iOS 3.0 to the iPhone 3GS and Macbook Pro updates (including a brand new 13 inch version), all the bases were covered, including a demo of Snow Leopard.

The 2012 version is imminent, and we a live coverage of that here.