Apple Continues to Dominate Tablet Market

Apple Continues to Dominate Tablet Market

The latest research figures from ABI Research reinforce a fact that has been established for quite some time – the iPad continues to dominate the tablet market in big way, selling 12 times as many units as Samsung, while sales of the Kindle Fire have completely “fizzled.”

ABI Research:

Apple’s 11.8 million iPad shipments were spurred by the launch of a third-generation lineup and price reduction on iPad 2 models, while Samsung’s 1.1 million shipments returned the vendor to the number two spot after Amazon’s Kindle Fire shipments fizzled entering 2012.

“A pattern similar to smartphones is also occurring in tablets,” says Jeff Orr, group director, consumer research. “Apple and Samsung have demonstrated staying power while other tablet vendors ebb and flow like the tide.” 

That means that Apple has sold over 11 times more iPads than Samsung has sold of any of their tablets, and the fact that sales of the Kindle Fire are suffering suggests that consumers just aren’t thrilled with the idea of a 7-inch tablet – not even for $200!

The report also noted that Apple had a 185% gain on last year’s first quarter numbers, and currently represents 65% of the entire tablet market. Tablet market? Yeah right – there is no tablet market, just an iPad market!