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Kickstarter: Touchtype – The iPad / Apple Wireless Keyboard Case

Kickstarter: Touchtype – The iPad / Apple Wireless Keyboard Case

There have been plenty of iPad cases with built in keyboards that try to give the user the real keyboard experience that many find lacking from using the iPad’s virtual keyboard. So far none of these have met to my satisfaction. There is usually a rubbery feel to the keyboards that just isn’t comfortable to me. Now there is an intriguing Kickstarter project for “Touchtype“, the iPad / Apple Wireless Keyboard case.

Everyone knows the iPad is capable of pairing with bluetooth keyboards, and one of the best bluetooth keyboards around is the Apple Wireless Keyboard. One of the problems with using any bluetooth keyboard has been the need to transport the keyboard in another pocket of your briefcase or backpack, alongside the iPad, taking up precious space. The Touchtype attempts to solve this problem by allowing the case to securely transport the wireless keyboard in the same case as the iPad, yet allows comfort of use by not having it directly connected to the case.

The Kickstarter project is running through June 7, 2012, and I highly recommend visiting their page and making a pledge. This is a project that truly deserves to be funded. Salman Sajid, the designer of the Touchtype was nice enough to supply a sample for me to try out, and I have to say, I think he has something here.

The case can be used with all 3 generations of iPads. I tried it with my 3rd-gen iPad and my wife’s 1st-gen model, and both worked great with the case.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard slides into a pocket that is in behind the iPad when it is in the case. There are two elastic loops that hold the keyboard in the pocket. Simply slip off the loops, slide the keyboard out, prop the iPad up, (the iPad can be used in either portrait or landscape mode, thanks to the ingenious loop setup), and you’re ready to use your keyboard with the iPad.

One great thing about having the keyboard separate from the case during use is that it allows you to position both the iPad for viewing comfort, and the keyboard for typing comfort.

The case is solid and has a great streamlined, thin look to it. The case will come in three different materials, gray polyurethane, (Our supplied case was made of this, love the way it looks), espresso (dark brown) leather, and black leather.

This is such a great project, and luckily it has reached its goal, and will be funded on June 7th. If you’re interested, I would still recommend that you still visit the website, and pledge some funding. Various levels of pledges have different benefits, so go check it out and help fund this worthwhile project.

We will do an in depth review of the case once it is in full-production.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go actually enjoy typing up a document on my iPad!