Bug Affects Canon Printers Working With 10.7.4

Bug Affects Canon Printers Working With 10.7.4

If you have a Canon inkjet printer and are having problems getting it to work successfully with the latest version of OS X Lion, you’re not the only one, MacGeneration reports.

Your Canon printer will only print the images, but not the text that was present in the original document something which understandably can be very problematic.

Canon customer service apparently confirmed this, stating that there was a known problem between 10.7.4 and the inkjets causing the above problem. However they did say that a driver update was imminent which will solve the problem.

Are you having this issue with a Canon (or another printer) on 10.7.4? Let us know.

  1. Sabine Jobst says:

    My inkjet MG5350 ist not working with mac os x 10.7.4

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