Control Your Home With Your iOS Device and Belkin’s WeMo

Control Your Home With Your iOS Device and Belkin’s WeMo

Most of us remember the “Clapper”. With a clap of your hands you could turn on a light, fans, even a blender if you were so inclined. The perfect gadget for those of us too lazy to crawl out from under our Snuggie to turn on a lamp. Now Belkin takes that concept a few steps farther with the WeMo Switch. Control electrical devices with a tap of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.


Belkin’s new WeMo Control system allows users to manage any electronic device that can be plugged in from their iPad or iPhone with the WeMo Switch and the free WeMo remote app. The system works together to create a scalable, customizable home control system designed to provide safety, convenience and piece of mind.

“WeMo uses familiar technology to create a plug-and-play solution for controlling gadgets and appliances remotely,” said Jamie Elgie, senior director of product management for Belkin. “Designed to address simple automation needs without the hassle or expense of whole home automation, WeMo is an easy and fun way to put your home at your fingertips.”

Using the WeMo switch is simple, just plug the device into a wall outlet, plug in your appliance, lamp, or gadget, and the WeMo switch will automatically connect to your house’s wireless Internet connection. Using the app on your iOS device, you can turn whatever is connected to the WeMo on or off with just a tap. Home or away.

Also offered is the WeMo Switch + Motion, which senses motion from up to 10 feet away. The motions sensor will turn on whatever is plugged into it when something moves within range. It can also be set to turn off the device if there is no motion for a certain amount of time.

The WeMo Switch is integrated with IFTTT, an online service that allows users to set specific tasks for electronics. Lights can be set to turn on and off at a specific time of day while you are away from home, or with the motion sensor model, a rule can be set so that you’ll receive a text message if the unit senses motion.

The WeMo Switch runs $49.99 and the WeMo Switch + Motion is $99.99. Both devices are available from As of June 26, Apple and Verizon retail stores nationwide will sell the devices. The WeMo app is available as a free download from the App Store.