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  • Review: Amazing Shape Shifters – ‘Transformative’ Fun for Everyone!

Review: Amazing Shape Shifters – ‘Transformative’ Fun for Everyone!

Review: Amazing Shape Shifters – ‘Transformative’ Fun for Everyone!

The best iOS games are quickly learned and easily capture attention for hours at a time, or event just a few minutes.  A quick puzzler, Amazing Shape Shifters fulfills both addiction criterion, grabbing the player with fun, thought provoking puzzles.  I have always wondered what might give Angry Birds a good challenge for top spot and this app is well on its way to greatness.


This physics-based puzzler has a short learning curve and loads of entertainment waiting to be discovered.  The graphics are excellent throughout four worlds, each with eighteen different twisting missions.  Progressing through the worlds is increasingly difficult with different challenges and multiple complicated platforms, through which you navigate the Shape Shifters.

Compare results across Game Center or challenge your friends with user-created levels.  The built-in level creator is a feature I never expected.  The intuitive level design controls provide easy access to constructing your own challenges and playing through them when you wish.  In addition to playing your own levels, easily connect to the user-created game room and select levels from other players.  The best part…the other user-created levels do not have to be downloaded to your iPhone–simply tap the desired level to begin!


The goal of each mission is to bump the “green alien robbers” off their platforms using the Shape Shifters.  The spunky little Shape Shifters will morph between a sphere and cube shape when touched.  Switch between these two phenotypes to roll, bounce, and push the aliens to their demise while gathering energy crystals.

Each level gets progressively harder with the addition of various platforms, which break easily or rotate when weighted down, as examples.  If stuck, the game will show a video of how to complete each stage, but the user must still complete the level without assistance.  Progressing from world to world requires a minimum crystal count, much like Cut the Rope’s star system.

Obviously, it may take several tries to complete a level, which requires restarting the puzzle.  Unlike Angry Birds, the “Refresh” button is on the game screen.  The user is not required to first pause the game, then refresh.  Genius.

Conclusion [rating: 4.5/5]

Amazing Shape Shifters (iPhone: Free, $.99 / iPad: Free, $1.99) is my favorite new app.  I am always fairly critical when it comes to new games, but this is the best new physics puzzler on the App Store.  At the least, try the Lite version and see how quickly you get addicted.  With the varied challenges and level-creater, Amazing Shape Shifters is the best $.99 cents I have spent in a long while on the App Store. As your momma always said, “try it! …you’ll like it!”


  • Quick learning curve and various levels
  • Fun and addictive
  • Create your own levels and play other user-created levels


  •  Not a universal app, must purchase for both iPad and iPhone, UGH!