Get Ready for MobileMe’s June 30 Shutdown

Get Ready for MobileMe’s June 30 Shutdown

As we warned back in May, Apple is shutting down MobileMe this Saturday, June 30. After that, it’s an iCloud world. There’s still time to get your stuff migrated over to iCloud or another service.

Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer:

After migrating to iCloud, you’ll still have several of the same services you’re already used to such as calendar and contact syncing, and you get to keep your and email addresses. iCloud users can also auto-download new app purchases to multiple devices, iBooks bookmarks sync between iOS devices, documents stored on iCloud can auto-save, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad photos can auto-sync between iOS devices and iPhoto via Photo Stream, iTunes libraries can be stored online for sharing between multiple devices, and more.

When MobileMe is gone, users will lose web hosting, web galleries, Keychain syncing, and iDisk storage.

Gamet: “Apple worked to make it as painless as possible to move from MobileMe to iCloud by automating the process; Just pay a visit to the MobileMe website, or hop into the MobileMe or iCloud Preference Pane in OS X’s System Preferences app. All can start the migration process and include step-by-step instructions on settings you need on your iOS devices, too.”

Gamet’s article has some great info on how to make sure all your stuff is still around after Saturday. If you’re a user of MobileMe and haven’t already done something to make sure your files and information will still be around come July, the article is a highly recommended read.