Give Your Mac A Blast From The Past With This Awesome Retro Mac OS Theme!

Give Your Mac A Blast From The Past With This Awesome Retro Mac OS Theme!

If you ever have that urge to buy a really old Mac just to know what the OS was like and how it worked, then this might just be for you. Ben Vessey has created a theme for modern Macs that allows you to get a feel for the interface back in the 1980s, and while it’s not 100% accurate, it should still give you a good idea of how people rolled with Macs back in the day.

It’s completely free, all you need to do is tweet out the link, and then you can have your Macbook Pro or iMac rocking an awesome retro style Mac OS theme.

It’s worth noting that the modern dock and menu bar are still there, two things that weren’t there (or at least looked different in the case of the menu bar) in the older versions of Mac OS. Give it try, it will certainly impress people!


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