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Kickstarter: SYRE, The World’s First Bluetooth iPod Nano Watch Case

Kickstarter: SYRE, The World’s First Bluetooth iPod Nano Watch Case

We love innovative Kickstarter projects here at MacTrast. Now we’ve found one that should definitely appeal to our readers who love to use their iPod Nano while working out or running, and find themselves getting tangled up in the headphone cables. Introducing the SYRE, and it’s billed as the world’s first Bluetooth iPod Nano watch case.

From the SYRE Kickstarter page:

The Lion Hound Technology SYRE transforms your iPod Nano into an incredible smart watch designed for all aspects of your active lifestyle. Molded from a luxurious and flexible silicone polymer, each component has been refined to create a watch case that fits the needs of even the most demanding athletes. SYRE provides a secure, comfortable and unobtrusive fit that allows for airflow to the wrist while protecting your Nano from damage caused by impact or perspiration.

SYRE integrates the Bluetooth attachment into the watch case, so it removes the need for wired headphones or unsightly adapters. It is designed to give athletes a full range of motion while active, and a cordless experience while relaxing.

Another complaint from iPod Nano users is that it has a tendency to fail as a result of sweat, or being dropped. The SYRE is designed to address these weaknesses. From the website: “SYRE addresses these weaknesses by sealing in the iPod Nano’s data port, thus preventing moisture from entering its most sensitive electronic components and surrounding the entire device in a heat resistant silicone skin that is both durable and pleasing to the touch.”

The SYRE looks like a promising project, and anyone who uses their iPod Nano while working out should go to the SYRE website and check it out. As of this writing, the Kickstarter pledge period still has 43 days to go, and they are only a little over a quarter of the way to their goal. Check it out. It could be the answer to your sweaty, entangled workout dreams.

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