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Microsoft Zune Goes The Way of the Dodo

Microsoft Zune Goes The Way of the Dodo

Microsoft’s Zune, a commercial failure of a media player, has been “pronounced dead” a number of times – but so far I haven’t seen a statement from any at Microsoft confirming the official time of death. Until now, that is.

At the E3 Expo, which is currently taking place in Los Angeles, Microsoft spokeswoman Melissa Stewart confirmed that the Zune is officially six feet under, and that the entire Zune brand has been discarded to make way for bigger and better things.

The New York Times reports:

There was nary a mention of Zune, an existing Microsoft music and movie service, at the E3 event where Xbox Music was announced. But afterward, a Microsoft spokeswoman, Melissa Stewart, confirmed that the Zune brand is going away so Microsoft can use the better-known Xbox brand for its entertainment services, including its online video service.

The Zune’s commercial failure wasn’t due to it being an awful product – having used one in the past, I can say I actually liked the Zune! More than anything, what killed the Zune was Microsoft’s poor timing – the product was just released too late, and lacked Mac support, which skewered its chances of attracting many iPod owners.

Even the Zune’s creator fully admitted that the Zune was among Microsoft’s biggest mistakes. Even so, it’s always sad to me to see a potentially promising product die. R.I.P, Zune! Unfortunately, you won’t be missed…