OS X Mountain Lion to Launch on July 17?

OS X Mountain Lion to Launch on July 17?

Apple has already announced that OS X Mountain Lion will launch in July as a $20 Mac App Store download – but when in July should we actually expect it to be released? According to a report from AppleSpot.NL, the update is set to launch on July 17th.

As noted by the report, pointed out to us by MacTrast reader Amrish Gayadienan images from Apple’s WWDC keynote specifically references the date of July 17th on a slide talking about Mountain Lion’s new Power Nap feature. The date 0f July 17th is also almost exactly a year since the release of OS X Lion.

Whether or not this interesting hidden reference has much merit is up to debate – but it’s at least interesting that Apple showed that specific date during the keynote.

Meanwhile, CultofMac points to a report from T-Gaap, who claims to have heard from their sources that Mountain Lion will actually launch on the 19th.

 Our source in the Bay Area (who took these WWDC pre-conference photos), has informed us that Apple’s release date for OS X Mountain Lion is Thursday, July 19, 2012

I’d tend to trust a subtle reference in Apple’s WWDC keynote over a report from a site I’ve never heard of that claims to have received information from an anonymous source. It’s also odd that they claim it’s a source “in the bay area” rather that a source within Apple.

Whichever report ends up being accurate, things are looking pretty good for a release of OS X Mountain Lion during the week of July 15-21. We previously heard from our own sources that Apple is planning to release Mountain Lion and new Macs in July.

Keep your fingers crossed!