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  • Review: Fur and Feathers – an Addictive Matching Game for iPhone & iPad

Review: Fur and Feathers – an Addictive Matching Game for iPhone & iPad

Review: Fur and Feathers – an Addictive Matching Game for iPhone & iPad

The iOS App Store has no shortage of ridiculously addictive games, and it seems that there’s an affinity among app developers to features birds as their character of choice.  Whether it’s the crazy colors or fun sounds, Fur and Feathers is another fantastic game to entertain kids of all ages (and some adults, too).

Overview & Gameplay

Fur and Feathers, available on iPhone ($0.99), and Fur and Feathers HD for iPad ($0.99) is truly a game for all ages.  With essentially unlimited gameplay, this is a game that can easily entertain for hours.  The objective is simple –  match birds of a similar color or type, and keep the birds from being caught by the cat.

Fur and Feathers offers 2 game-play options: 4+ and 10+, depending on preferred difficulty.  The game play between the 2 is very similar, although the 10+ version has a few unique additions (like angled shooting & electric wire).

The power lines are full of a variety of birds, and your goal is to match 3 or more of a similar color or kind before the lines get full.  To add to the challenge, when birds are on the top wire, the neighborhood cat makes an attempt to snatch your birds for a snack!  Moving birds is done by pulling down the power line and shooting the birds up a row.  Birds can also be slid from left to right (or vice versa).

Once you match 3 sets of birds in a row (a relatively easy task), you enter fever mode. As long as you continue to match birds before fever mode expires, the score multiplier stays active.  While the game play could go on forever, there are a few things to watch out for.  Not only can the cat nab your birds (and end your fever mode), you also need to keep your eye open for the eggs.  If you can’t clear the egg before time expires, the game is over.


The addictive play, fun characters, and quirky theme of the game make Fur and Feathers a great option for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.  The game can be great for killing time, improving quick thinking, and building hand/eye coordination.  The simplification for younger kids is also a great feature, as it truly shows that iDevices can be great for all ages.  Fur and Feathers is definitely worth the $0.99!


  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Multiple gameplay modes
  • Subtle educational aspects


  • No levels or benchmarks for success or achievements

Fur and Feathers (for iPhone/iPod) $0.99

Fur and Feathers HD (for iPad) $0.99