Send the Kids Off to Apple Summer Filmmaking Camp

Send the Kids Off to Apple Summer Filmmaking Camp

Sure, you never realized your dream of singing in a boy band, or starring in a tweener Disney epic, and isn’t that probably for the best? But, if your son or daughter has dreams of becoming a film auteur, here’s how to point them in the right direction. Apple’s free summer camps.

Apple is offering free summer camps for kids 8-12. They’ll be held at Apple retail stores around the United States and Canada. The camps will offer training in how to use iMovie and Garageband.

The camps begin on July 23rd, and will extend through late August at some locations. The camps consist of two 90-minute weekday sessions. The little Tarantino’s will be schooled on how to film, edit, and score their cinematic masterpieces, and in an optional Saturday “Apple Camp Film Festival” will be able to screen their efforts for adoring family and friends.

These camps always fill up quickly, so sign up now. Signup is currently available for camps in the United States and Canada, with European, Chinese, and Japanese sites expected to add signup pages soon. Australian kids will need to wait until September to go to camp, because they have that whole “backward seasons” thing going on down there.

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