Sparrow for iPad: Coming Soon to the App Store

Sparrow for iPad: Coming Soon to the App Store

I’ve long been a fan of Sparrow’s popular Mac email client, and their recently released iPhone version provides a refreshing new take on the stock Mail app in iOS. Fans of the app are now in for another surprise: A new version of Sparrow designed for the iPad!

TheNextWeb points out that there’s a new teaser page for the iPad app on the Sparrow homepage, teasing eager fans with a simple message: “We are preparing something bigger.” Alongside the message is a field for your email address to allow you to sign up to be notified when the developer has more information.

So far no details have been released about the iPad app, and it’s unclear when the final version might finally be released to the App Store. For those who haven’t yet tried Sparrow, the app is available in both the Mac App Store ($10, link) for OS X and iTunes App Store for iPhone ($3, link).

It’s quite possible that Sparrow is waiting until WWDC to launch the new iPad app – considering that everyone’s eyes will be on Apple next week, it could be the perfect time!