Study: Overall, iPad/iPhone Users More Likely To Click Ads Than Android Users

Study: Overall, iPad/iPhone Users More Likely To Click Ads Than Android Users

Are you an advertiser looking for more bang for your buck from mobile advertising, or a developer considering an ad-supported mobile app? A new study says you’re likely to get a better return on your money and effort from iOS devices than Android phones or tablets.

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That news comes Jumptap, a company that specializes in targeted mobile advertising which uncovered some interesting information for mobile app developers and companies looking to develop a mobile ad campaign.

Jumptap looked at the click-through rates for a variety of ad campaigns on the iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices that included both Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet.

Click through rates were significantly higher on both the iPhone (0.84%) and iPad (0.09%) than on any of the Android phones included in the survey – Sony’s Xperia Mini (0.42%), Samsung’s Galaxy S (0.53%), and the Samsung Galaxy Note (0.58%). Click through rates were also higher for both iOS devices than the two of the three tablet devices in the study, the Samsung Galaxy Tab (0.53%) and the Nook Tablet (0.36%).

The Kindle Fire was the notable exception among the devices, as it delivered the most click-throughs (1.02%) with a slight but notable edge of the iPad and iPhone. Apple’s devices garnered the number two and three spots respectively.

It isn’t clear why the Kindle Fire would deliver more advertising success than any other device, but one possibility is Kindle users are more accustomed to targeted product information and ad content thanks to familiarity with Amazon’s strong online shopping presence.

Jumptap also noted that millenials are much more likely to own an iPad compared to Gen-Xers and baby boomers. Boomers are more likely to opt for a Kindle Fire than an iPad.