Video Showdown: Google Chrome vs. Mobile Safari

Video Showdown: Google Chrome vs. Mobile Safari

Following the release of Google Chrome yesterday, the folks at iMore decided to put it to the test to determine if it’s really as awesome as many hoped it would be. Even better, they’ve put together a video so you can see for yourself!

iMore admits that it’s not an entirely fair comparison, as Google is forced to use Safari’s HTML and rendering engines, and is unable to make use of Apple’s speedy ‘Notro’ JavaScript engine. Still, the comparison is pretty interesting!

Have you tried Google Chrome for iOS? What are your thoughts?

  1. the gestures and the tab handling is all I needed. Chrome rules!

  2. Jacob says:

    I got this app when it had no reviews in the app store. Then 30 minutes later it had 500 reviews. I was the first to review it. But I still like it for its speed, and it does not crash even thou it just came out.

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