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With iOS 6, Apple devices will receive national emergency alerts

With iOS 6, Apple devices will receive national emergency alerts

Apple devices running iOS 6 will be able to receive United States government alerts during an emergency or disaster. The feature is expected to be available on all devices that can run iOS 6, including the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 4.


The new feature, labeled by Apple as “Government Alerts,” will be a part of the iOS 6 operating system when it launches for iPhone and iPad this fall, as first noticed by Emergency Management (viaCNet) on Friday. That means that Wireless Emergency Alerts can be provided to Apple mobile device users.

Author Rick Wimberley said Apple’s adoption of Wireless Emergency Alerts is “big news” for those who work in the emergency management industry. The new feature means that users can receive alerts from local, state and federal officials through FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.

The National Weather Service also aims to start issuing Wireless Emergency Alerts by the end of the month. iPhone and iPad users will be able to receive weather warnings once their device has been updated to iOS 6. Users will also be able to opt out of warnings with the usual on/off toggle button in the Settings menu.

The Wireless Emergency Alert System went live in May. Carriers already offer the ability to receive alerts to customers via text messages.


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