Apple’s Overseas Cash Horde Reaches $74 Billion

Apple’s Overseas Cash Horde Reaches $74 Billion

Apple has a lot of cash. I mean, a LOT of cash. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. But what you might find interesting is that, according to analyst Richard Lane of Moody’s Investors Service, Apple now has more cash overseas than any other company on the planet – a whopping $74 billion!


Among the top hoarders of cash, writes Lane, Apple‘s (AAPL$74 billion in overseas cash tops the list, up from $64 billion in December and just $35 billion at the end of 2010. Lane refers toSEC filings and Moody’s estimates.

That number is up from $64 billion the company held at the end of 2010. To put matters into perspective, all U.S. tech companies combined account for $227.5 billion, and all U.S. companies period account for $457. That’s a pretty significant chunk of cash held by Apple, especially in comparison to everyone else!

Apple is followed by Microsoft, with $50 billion stored overseas, and Cisco, with $42.3 billion. I wonder if all that cash is in the form of gold coins? Time to grab your swim suit and make like Scrooge McDuck!