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Got an App Idea? Win $1,000 With it Even if You Don’t Know How to Program!

Got an App Idea? Win $1,000 With it Even if You Don’t Know How to Program!

You’ve got a fantastic idea for an app, you know it’ll kick ass and be a number one seller in the App Store. Just one problem, you don’t know how to code. You don’t have any friends who are developers. You have a life. Well don’t fret Marygold! iPhoneAppCafe’s App Idol competition could make your dream app a reality!

Here’s what you get if your idea is selected as the winner!

  • $1000 prize money sponsored by iGame Radio
  • Leading development agency Locassa will develop your app
  • Feedback and mentoring from 4 successful app entrepreneurs
  • Marketing on iPhoneAppCafe.com
  • The winner will be featured in the iPhone Life magazine
  • AppLaunch service for free
  • And… you get a share of the revenue!

There are a few things you should take note of. (From the App Idol website.):

  • All ideas submitted by you will immediately become property of iPhoneAppCafe (iPAC)
  • SUBMITTER will receive 30% of all gross revenues (Gross Revenues are proceeds received by Locassa after app store commission is taken out) until “break even” point for their application. Break even is defined as cost paid by Locassa (or born by Locassa in any way) to develop and market application. After “break even” point SUBMITTER will receive 70% off all gross revenues.
  • By accepting these terms you give consent for iPAC to use your name, likeness, ideas, application and personal information for any and all purposes, including posting on iPAC website and any promotional materials.
  • Because many ideas may be similar, it is at iPAC’s sole discretion to determine who is the original SUBMITTER of any idea.

Deadline for entries is July 24, so get your creative ass in gear, and visit the App Idol website for more details.

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