Review: The Lion and the Mouse – An Interactive Storybook

Review: The Lion and the Mouse – An Interactive Storybook

Children today need more than just a static page in a book with a few colorful drawings. Reading today is a multimedia presentation, with animation, sound, music, and 5 different languages! Enter The Lion and the Mouse from Kid-Mind Studios, a “book” for the iPad that will keep young children entertained while they learn.


The Lion and the Mouse blurs the line between animated entertainment and storybook.

  • There are 33 animated scenes.
  • 30 different interactions.
  • Several mini-games.
  • Great music and sound effects.
  • It’s even available in 5 different languages! (English, Mandarin, French, Spanish and Cantonese)

The “book” tells the classic fable of the lion and the mouse. It tells the story with excellent animation, games, and interactions. The graphics are beautiful, and the music and sound effects really add to the charm of the presentation.

The app allows you to play with almost all aspects of the book, you play with different story modes, change the language the book is presented in, you can play with the characters by interacting with them via touch.

The animated scenes should enthrall your young children, allowing them to have fun, while hopefully learning about reading. The interactions have the effect of putting the children into the middle of the story.

Mini games are intertwined throughout the story, adding to the immersion. By drawing the young audience deeper into the story, they not only learn educational lessons, but hopefully moral lessons about treating their fellow creatures with kindness.

With its beautiful graphics and animations, the interactive experience, multiple languages, and more, this app is a great way for your young child to learn in today’s modern world.


If you have small children who can’t read, or are just learning to read, this is the perfect tool to introduce them to reading, while allowing them to enjoy a fabulous animated story and mini-games.

It would probably be most suitable for children from toddlers on up to children of 7 or 8 years old. You’ll enjoy sitting and sharing the app with your children too.

Price: $2.99. Now available for iPad in the App Store (direct link).



  • Delightful animation and sound.
  • Mini-games keep children interested.
  • Multiple languages.


  • I did have some problems with sound. Had to restart my iPad a few times.
  • Also had the app freeze a few times when accessing the menu.