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Review: SurfacePad by Twelve South – Luxury Protection for Your MacBook Air

Review: SurfacePad by Twelve South – Luxury Protection for Your MacBook Air

Everyone likes a little luxury in their lives, and why not extend that to your MacBook Air? If you can also protect it from scratches at the same time, all the better. Twelve South has been kind enough to let us try out their SurfacePad for the MacBook Air. It protects the area around the trackpad of your MacBook Air, while adding a bit of leather luxury to your machine.


I’ll admit, when I first saw the SurfacePad my first thought was that this is a solution looking for a problem. Then I applied it to my wife’s MacBook Air, and I realized I was looking at a clever, and stylish solution to a problem she had complained about before. The metal on her laptops in the past would get scratched from her bracelets, and watches. Would the SurfacePad be a good solution?

Applying the SurfacePad to your Air is simplicity in itself. After making sure the surface area around the trackpad is clean and dry, simply peel off the bottom half of the backing on the leather, position it and smooth it onto the Air, then peel the top half of the backing off and carefully smooth out the rest of the pad, making sure no air bubbles or wrinkles are in the leather.

The great thing about the SurfacePad is if you don’t get it on right the first time, or decide you want to remove it for some reason, it can be easily peeled off, with no residue left on your precious MacBook Air.

The SurfacePad is available in black and red. My wife chose the red. She has an eye for things she refers to as “aesthetically pleasing”. Things must look good, or all the protective reasons in the world won’t make her keep it. (She’s been through 5 iPad cases in a little over a year.) The SurfacePad has been on her MacBook Air for a week now, and she still loves it. She finds that it also makes the area a little more comfortable to rest her wrists on during long typing sessions.


The Twelve South SurfacePad for the MacBook Air is an excellent product, and while it may initially seem a little expensive at US $29.99, (free shipping from their website), the SurfacePad provides great protection for your MacBook Pro, while adding a bit of comfort, and a stylish touch of personalization. I would recommend it for anyone want to add some protection to their Air while still retaining the style and persona of the device.

The SurfacePad is available for both 11-in and 13-in MacBook Air models and is also available for the MacBook Pro line.

Price: $29.99 (free shipping), Website Link (Also available from Amazon.com)

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]


  • Stylish
  • Protects the area around your trackpad, while also adding some cushion to your wrists
  • Easy to apply and remove


  • Wish there were more colors available