Samsung Says Apple Refuses to License 3G Patents

Samsung Says Apple Refuses to License 3G Patents

Samsung has charged in court that Apple refuses to negotiate to license essential 3G patents for the iPhone and iPad during the first day of their patent trial on Monday in Federal Court in Sydney, Australia.


 The details came out of the first day of the patent infringement trial between Samsung and Apple on Monday. In the opening proceedings, Samsung said Apple refuses to negotiate for the use of essential 3G patents in its mobile devices, according to IDG News Service.

The focus of Monday’s hearing was on two of the three patents that Samsung has accused Apple of violating. The two patents relate to power control and the format of packet headers in 3G connections.

A Samsung attorney told the court that Apple has “refused to engage in negotiations.” The Korean firm hopes that Justice Annabelle Claire Bennett will separate its own complaint from Apple’s patent infringement suit.

Australia has proved to be an important battleground between Apple and Samsung as the two have filed patent infringement lawsuits against each other around the world.

In this latest fight, Samsung has alleged that Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, as well as the iPad 2, violate three of Samsung’s 3G data patents. This was filed as a cross-claim against Apple in response to the original complaint where Apple accused Samsungs’s Galaxy Tab of infringing on its own patents.

The Australian trial between Apple and Samsung is scheduled to run through the rest of the week.

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