ZEVO ZFS File System on OS X Is Acquired by GreenBytes

ZEVO ZFS File System on OS X Is Acquired by GreenBytes

ZEVO, the software package by former Apple file system engineer Don Brady that brings the Sun-backed ZFS file system to OS X, has been acquired by GreenBytes, a storage appliance hardware company that already uses ZFS in its products.


As to the future of the project, GreenBytes’ spokesman Michael Robinson responded to TUAW’s inquiry: “ZEVO’s ZFS on OS X is safe. Ten’s Complement has joined GreenBytes to continue their work and now they have more development support.” Robinson says that GreenBytes will have more to share regarding ZEVO’s future “down the line.”

Brady’s company, Ten’s Complement, had started releasing software packages to support the robust file system on OS X, but launches for some of the more advanced packages has begun to slip in recent months.

Brady will be joining GreenBytes as a development engineer.

GreenBytes has supported ZFS (including ZFS on OS X) for many years, but it remains unclear how and when ZEVO will be released for OS X under the new ownership.

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