Apple to Update Entire Lineup of iOS Devices This Fall With Smaller Dock Connector

Apple to Update Entire Lineup of iOS Devices This Fall With Smaller Dock Connector

Following reports of an Apple media event to take place on September 12, at which they are expected to announce the new iPhone (and possibly other products, such as the “iPad mini), iMore now reports that the company is also planning to update their entire line of iOS devices to support the rumored smaller dock connector.


iMore has learned that Apple intends to update their entire lineup of iOS device products to support the new, miniaturized Dock connector, and to do it as early the rumored September 12 special event this fall. This would include the newiPhone 5, the the new iPod nano and iPod touch, the rumored 7-inch iPad mini, and an updated version of the current 9.7-inch iPad.

iMore previously reported on Apple’s plans for a new, smaller dock connector to be used on the next-gen iPhone and the 7.85-inch iPad, with today’s report adding new information to their previous claims. Apple will also reportedly be releasing an adapter to make new iOS devices work with the older 30-pin dock connector.

Rumors that Apple might release a slightly tweaked version of the current 3rd-generation iPad have surfaced before, although it would mark the first time Apple has broken away from their yearly cycle of iPad updates – although it may just be a minor, silent update with few changes.

It makes sense for Apple to update the dock connector across all their devices, as it would provide users a more consistent experience. Those purchasing a new iPad and a new iPhone or iPod touch at the same time wouldn’t have to worry about using adapters, for instance.


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