Consumers Are More Excited About The iPad Than The iPhone

Consumers Are More Excited About The iPad Than The iPhone

A new survey shows that consumers now think the iPad is better value than the iPhone, and they are more likely to recommend it to friends than the phone. This, according to new data from YouGov’s BrandIndex

Apple RECOMMEND Scores


“This overtaking of the iPhone by the iPad is a reversal of the usual patterns which have seen the phone traditionally well ahead of its tablet counterpart… This marks not only a shift in comparison to the iPhone but also the culmination of an incredible hike in perceptions for the iPad’s value over the past few months…”

The above quotes are from BrandIndex, which conducts interviews from its 2.5 million worldwide consumer pool.

The results shouldn’t be a big surprise at this time of year. The iPhone 4S is almost a year old. Competitors release sparkly new devices on what seems to be a weekly basis, while Apple sticks to its once a year introduction schedule. (This is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s one of the reasons why resale value for used iPhones stays at a much higher price than those for the competition’s “me too” devices.)

Apple VALUE Scores

I myself just recommended that a friend hold off awhile longer when she said she was going to buy an iPhone 4S. Why not wait a just a short while longer until the new iPhone is released?

All of the above doesn’t detract from the growing high opinion of the iPad. But it is interesting that the rumors of an ‘iPad mini” have as yet to dent the recommendations of the iPad lineup.