FabCafe: The Coffee Shop That Engraves Your Mac

FabCafe: The Coffee Shop That Engraves Your Mac

While most of us go in to a coffee shop expecting a nice latte or coffee, in Japan, seemingly, that’s not how they roll. Indeed, FabCafe, a newly opened coffee shop in Tokyo offers the added bonus of an industrial grade laser machine with which customers can engrave anything from an iPhone case to even a Mac, MacGeneration reports.

As you can see from above,it’s pretty impressive what they can put onto your Macbook and you can essentially have whatever you want.

Of course, sipping coffee which watching your beloved computer get engraved is perhaps an unsual way to go, but it certainly makes for a unique experience and product at the end of it.

FabCafe also offeres its own range of materials you can engrave motifs on if you don’t want to risk your Macbook, even though the latter is cheap to have engraved ($25). If you’re ever in Tokyo, I’d take a look.

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