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Adobe Finally Kills off Mobile Flash

Adobe Finally Kills off Mobile Flash

As previously announced,  Adobe has now officially killed off mobile Flash for Android devices. As of yesterday, the Android Flash app can no longer be downloaded from the Google Play store, confirming what many people said from the very beginning: that Flash is bloat, slow, and unsuitable for mobile devices!

As usual, Steve was right, having predicted this moment in his open letter “Thoughts on Flash” in 2010. It looks like Google, and everyone whining about how the iPad lacks Flash will have to eat a big, steaming plate of crow!

The Verge sums up the epic failure of mobile Flash quite nicely:

Adobe had grand plans for mobile Flash, but the company met a sizable early wall when Apple refused to adopt it. […] Adobe never really had a chance with iOS, but it faltered where it didhave a chance — on Android.

RIP, Flash. “Buried in the rain. Murdered.” It’s HTML 5’s turn in the limelight – and from what I’ve seen, it looks like it will do a much, much better job than Flash ever could have hoped. My only lingering question is: what took so long?

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