iPad Accounts for 90% of All Tablet Web Usage

iPad Accounts for 90% of All Tablet Web Usage

Apple iPad has dominated the tablet market in a big way ever since it was first released – and despite the growing number of competing tablets on the market, not much has changed. According to the latest figures, the iPad still accounts for up to 90% of all tablet web traffic.

TheNextWeb points to data from Pingdom (pulled from Statcounter), which reveals that over 85% of worldwide tablet web traffic comes from the iPad, as seen in the graph above. While Android has slowly been creeping in there over time, they’re still very far behind.

Likewise, the latest data from analytics firm Chitika, compiled using advertising tracking data, reveals that the iPad accounts for up to 90% of worldwide tablet web traffic. Those are some pretty serious figures. Chitika also reveals that web use on tablets in general is also increasing, now accounting for about between 7 and 8 percent of all web traffic.

If anything is clear from results like these, it’s that the iPad needs serious competition. It will be interesting to see how new devices such as Google’s Nexus 7 tablet and Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablets impact these figures. But for  now, it looks like Apple’s playing a winning game.

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