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Jefferies: Apple’s ‘iTV’ and iPad Mini Are Already in Full Production

Jefferies: Apple’s ‘iTV’ and iPad Mini Are Already in Full Production

While more reports about Apple’s “set-top-box” came out this morning,  we also see a report from Jefferies that claims that Apple’s much rumored HDTV and iPad Mini are “in full production.”


Contract manufacturer Hon Hai has begun production of the much discussed Apple iPad Mini tablet, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek asserts in a research note. Misek also contends that Apple‘s oft-rumored iTV product is now in production, and could show up in stores before year-end.

Misek says that Hon Hai’s July revenues were up 5% sequentially from June; the month is historically seasonally flat. He thinks the difference maker is the iPad Mini. Also, based on July component sales data and his own check with the supply chain, planned iPad numbers for the September quarter have been raised from 18 million up to 25 million. Decembers target is 30 million units, up from 22-25 million.

Misek also says that information from Sharp, Hon Hai, and other specialty and TV component manufacturers support the contention that Apple is now in “full production” on the iTV.

He contends the iTV will sell two million units in the December quarter, selling for an estimated average price of $1,250. He does warn that Apple may delay the release until early 2013, because countering other tablet makers with the iPad mini could be Apple’s first order of business.

JDSU also recently announced that it has a new “non-gaming” customer for its gesture control modules, used in the Xbox 360 Kinect controller. JSDU indicated that the new customer is “living room” based.

“We believe Apple will leverage AT&T‘s and Verizon’s content deals for the iTV,” Misek writes.

Misek estimates that the iTV will launch in the December or March quarters, and says the September 12 product launch event Apple is reportedly planning will almost certainly include the debut of the iPhone 5, possibly the iPad Mini, and less likely the iTV.

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