Linux and Retina Macbook Pro Don’t Mix

Linux and Retina Macbook Pro Don’t Mix

If you’ve bought a Retina Macbook Pro in the hope that you can install Ubuntu (or another Linux OS) on it, then put it straight back in the box and try and get a refund. It ain’t gonna work as Phoronix discovered, even if you know what you’re doing. It’s incredibly difficult to get it to boot properly, and even after that, things like graphics and Wifi have trouble working as they should.

As you can see from above, the screen is completely messed up when you boot, and even after that you will encounter more graphics and hardware compatibility problems (the microphone and wifi don’t work straight away, even though the iSight camera does).

If you are a Ubuntu specialist, then all hope might not be lost, but if you’re new to Ubuntu, then forget it. It probably works better on other Macs with non-Retina screens, but even then, it’s complex and not really worth the effort (why would you buy a Mac and then uninstall OS X anyway?!). Far better to buy a cheap pre-built machine or build your own as I did to run Ubuntu as everything will be much smoother.

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