London 2012 – These are the ‘Mobile Games’

London 2012 – These are the ‘Mobile Games’

New Google data would suggest that the mobile internet has reached a tipping point, as half of searches and video streaming requests are coming from mobile phones and tablets during the 2012 Olympic games.

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Over the last week, we have reported how almost half of U.S. and UK Olympics video streams served by NBC and the BBC were to smartphones and tablets. Now search data further reinforce how the mobile internet has reached new heights this summer.

On Tuesday, Google published data showing that the largest amount of searches for “Paul McCartney”, as his performance closed out the opening ceremonies at the 2012 London games, came from smartphones.

Over the games first two days, the Google data shows desktops regaining the number one position for search share of Olympics related queries. Only Japan saw handsets lead the way.

Mobile phones and tablets seem to pull the strongest shares at night, and during large events. Members of Google’s marketing team wrote:

“We see these trends in many multi-screen events (such as the Super Bowl, Oscars, and Eurovision). But the Olympics represents an even more pronounced trend and one we can see happening at a global level.”

Before the games, three-quarters of IAB and Mojiva survey respondents in the US and UK said they would follow their country’s Olympic teams via a mobile device. Half said they would do it while they were watching television.