New Images Show How Samsung Copied Apple’s Icons

New Images Show How Samsung Copied Apple’s Icons

Yesterday marked day three of the ongoing trial between Apple and Samsung, and saw Apple present a fairly compelling case that Samsung copied the look of their iOS icons. Apple provided numerous examples, such as their Phone icon (via CNET).

The iTunes icon also seems to have clearly “influenced” the design of Samsung;s music icon:

And let’s not forget the Address Book. Just swap out Samsung’s gut-wrenching orange color and take away a couple of binder rings… Samsung could have used a face without shoulders. They could have used a book without rings, or made any of a dozen other changes.

It’s difficult to refute the point that Samsung fairly clearly borrowed Apple’s designs here. There’s just too much coincidence for Samsung to have magically come up with this on their own without ever looking at an iPhone. Not to mention that the icons only changed after the iPhone was released.

There are a number of additional examples over at CNET. And let’s not forget that other time that Samsung shamelessly borrowed Apple’s icons. We’ll let the lawyers sort this one out…