PAC-12 Now App – Stream Live Broadcasts of College Football

PAC-12 Now App – Stream Live Broadcasts of College Football

College football season “kicks-off” this weekend, and the Pac-12 has released a new iPad app just in time for college football fanatics. The app will allow users to stream college sports directly to their iPads wherever they are, so they won’t miss a punt, pass, or kick!


Games that are broadcasted on TV will require a Cable television login and password, but no login will be required for long-tail events like rowing or UCLA football that do not get TV airtime. All major cable providers are on board except Comcast, of course, which has its own Xfinity iPad app. Pac-12 is working with smaller cable networks to get on board too.

Fans that find themselves far away from their old alma-mater can view all their favorite Pac-12 college’s games and matches. Fans can also embed clips of Pac-12 sports into their blogs and websites. The app will also feature interviews and recaps of games that are not broadcast.

9to5Mac says the developer of the app received a lot of help from Apple on getting the app up and running. (apparently Apple has a lot of Pac-12 alumni working for them.) “Pac-12 Now is game changer in our ability to deliver our content to millions of fans,” said Pac-12 Enterprises President Gary Stevenson. “Today we are one step closer to achieving our goal of connecting fans with our live programming and feature content when and where they choose to access it.”

To better cater to individual viewing preferences, Ooyala created a graphic interactive programming guide. (IPG) that acts more like a map of what is important to the viewer than a traditional grid-type guide. Teams and sports can be priortized for viewing by the user. Future versions of the app will highlight games that are currently live, tied games, or games nearing a close finish, and games that are trending in the viewers social graph. Fans can also chat and share their viewing experience on Facebook and Twitter.

“The result of our work with the Pac-12 Networks is a multi-screen fan experience that changes the way sports are watched,” said Ooyala Chief Executive Officer Jay Fulcher. “The web and iPad experiences blur the line between broadband and traditional broadcasts, and are hallmarks of a new way of distributing entertainment – in this case sports – reaching digital consumers on their schedule, on their preferred screen and with a more engaging experience. The result is a win for everyone involved – the fans, the Pac-12 and their participating broadcast affiliates.”

The Pac-12 Now App is available FREE in the App Store – (Direct Link)