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Photos of Next-Gen iPhone Battery Reveal Higher Capacity, Likely LTE Support

Photos of Next-Gen iPhone Battery Reveal Higher Capacity, Likely LTE Support

With Apple’s next iPhone expected to be announced in just one month, leaked parts from the handset are cropping up more and more frequently. New pictures posted at 9to5Mac show the supposed battery pack for the device, showing a slightly higher battery capacity and some other interesting changes.

This new battery features a capacity of 1440 mAh. That is up from the capacity of 1430 mAh on the iPhone 4S and up from 1420 mAh on the iPhone 4 […] Along with the increase in battery capacity, the new battery also features a new voltage of 3.8. This is up slightly from 3.7 on both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

The new battery also has an increased watts-per-hour measurement (wHr), 5.45 wHr, which is an increase from 5.25 and 5.3 on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, respectively. This is a proportional increase due to the increase from 1430 to 1440 mAh.

While the increase in capacity is relatively minor, the increased voltage and watt hour measurements likely indicate that Apple’s next iPhone will feature 4G LTE support, as previously reported. While LTE is typically thought to require more power than 3G, new LTE chips from Qualcomm are expected to draw much less power, making the need for increased battery capacity unnecessary.

Further, it’s possible (and I think likely) that Apple has chosen a more advanced battery capable of transferring power more efficiently, enabling to power the rumored larger screen and LTE data that the next iPhone is expected to feature.

We’ll likely find out for sure when Apple takes the stage to unveil the new iPhone on September 12! Apple’s next iPhone is also rumored to feature a taller 4-inch screenthinner design, and a two-tone metal rear casing, as well as a smaller dock connector, relocated FaceTime camera, and new smaller nano-SIM.



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