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Review: Arrows (Puzzle Game) for iOS – Challenges in Every Direction

Review: Arrows (Puzzle Game) for iOS – Challenges in Every Direction

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time, and are a great way to retool your mind to think creatively and quickly.  The iOS platform has been a great place to loads of puzzle-type games to find a home.  Arrows is an awesome puzzle game that is highly addictive and fun to play!


Arrows (available for free in the App Store) is a irresistible iPhone, iPod, and iPad game that is incredible fun to play.  Much like so many iOS games, the addictive element of Arrows is in the challenge of becoming the very best and scoring higher than ever before.

The game is centered around arrows pointing in one of four directions.  Boxes are placed throughout a grid with arrows of different colors.  Each arrow corresponds with an orb of a matching color.  Guide the arrows into the orbs, while avoiding obstacles along the way.

While the basic premise is straight-forward and fairly easy to learn, Arrows can become quite difficult.  Collect as many stars as you can in each level to earn more points and unlock new levels.

While Arrows is a free iOS game, it’s not without In-App Purchase to unleash it’s full potential.  Springing $0.99 will unlock the “full version” of the 80+ unique levels, arrow changers, teleportation orbs, and other elements!

Verdict: [rating: 4.5]

Arrows is an amazingly fun game for iDevices.  The simple concept and addictive elements make it an incredible free app, and a great paid app, as well.  The challenging mental exercise provided by Arrows is great for all ages.


  • Excellent visuals
  • Simple (yet complex) game play
  • Fun and addictive concept.


  • Hard to find in App Store.

Check out Arrows Puzzle Game (free) in the iOS App Store.