Review: Instant Audio Recorder – Quick and Easy Recording for iOS

Review: Instant Audio Recorder – Quick and Easy Recording for iOS

iOS has a perfectly serviceable audio recorder built-in with the “Voice Memos” app. But what if you want to record as soon as you start the app? How about record what you’re saying even while you’re out at the apps screen, or in another app? Then Instant Audio Recorder from developer Wim De Nood might be worth a try.


The main features of Instant Audio Recorder are:

  • The ability to post audio-fragments directly to Twitter as audio-tweets.
  • The app keeps recording when you switch to another app. (Doesn’t work with some games I tried it with.)
  • The app will auto-start recording when app is opened. (This can be disabled.)
  • You can pause and resume recording.
  • Extended playback options (pause, rewind, fast forward, etc.)
  • Rename your recorded audio fragments. (Very handy for interviews.)
  • Choose between low, medium or high quality recordings. (Handy if you’re running short on storage space.)
  • Airplay support + volume control in the built-in player. (Worked very well with my Apple TV.)

Instant Audio Recorder allows you to immediately begin recording of sound as soon as you start the app. It’s my favorite feature of the app. Being able to immediately start recording without momentary finger fumbling, and trying to remember which button to push can be priceless.

I was able to switch out to other programs, and in most cases the app continues to record my voice. The only apps I found wouldn’t allow “instant” to continue recording were apps that wanted to make use of the sound functions. Games, and other audio apps were the main culprits.

After recording, it was simple to playback the audio either directly thru the iPhone’s built-in speaker, or thru AirPlay onto my Apple TV. The quality in both cases was more than acceptable.

You can also post your recordings directly to Twitter. The app posts the audio through Chirbit. You can also post a message with the audio. A very nice feature.

The app also allows emailing of your audio files.


If you have a need for a little more flexibility than the built-in “Voice Memos” app gives you on your iOS device, Instant Audio Recorder might be worth a try. The instant recording feature may prove to be a very useful feature, especially for reporters, or interviewers.

Instant Audio RecorderĀ is a universal app and works on both the iPhone and iPad.

Price: $0.99, Instant Audio Recorder is available now in the App Store. (Direct Link.)



  • Love the instant on capability.
  • The ability to tweet or email the recordings.
  • The sorting functions are excellent.


  • Would love to see the ability to post audio to Facebook or blogs.

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