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Review: WhiteBoard Mojo – Sketch Out Ideas Effortlessly On Your iPad

Review: WhiteBoard Mojo – Sketch Out Ideas Effortlessly On Your iPad

Creating presentations can be a hassle and stressful at times. Even working with some presentation apps on iOS can be time consuming. If you’re interested in not only creating beautiful freeform presentations, but also sketching or drawing any concepts or ideas using an iPad, there area lot of apps that will do the job, but none get it done as efficient as WhiteBoard Mojo ($9.99, App Store Link).

VizMojoLabs have made it ridiculously easy to create flawless presentations with no hassle and more creativity to add your own personal touch. WhiteBoard Mojo – featured in New section on the iTunes, has plenty of tools within to fine-tune your presentation such as graphs, shapes, and text.

I find it really useful that you can sketch out your ideas besides creating diagrams or graphs because if you really want to nail down your presentation, you might want to work out some concepts or rough drafts before going into the final stage of creating the presentation. The developers did a great job designing WhiteBoard Mojo. It’s one of the more user-friendly presentation on the apps store.

Even though the interface is easy to navigate and has a simple design, there are 36 AVK (auditory, visual and kinesthetic) videos to show the user how to create different drawings for their presentation. By watching these videos, any user, no matter if you’re a very skillful artist or not, anyone can easily draw. On top of that there are plenty of interactive digital drawing lessons to keep your presentations fresh and creative.

WhiteBoard Mojo offers 50 ready-to-use drawings such as diagrams, charts, symbols, icons, and speech bubbles. The app includes 3 main sections: draw it, map it, and share it. The ‘draw it’ section contains the AVK videos and tools, the brush size tool, which obviously you would choose different sizes for the shapes, the freeform tool that’s used to draw images, the line tool, shape tools, the eraser, color wheel, and paint bucket.

Something that would be a nice addition or change in this case is that if an actual color wheel would pop up instead of 5 specific colors to choose from. Also, the brush sizes can be more different in size. They’re not that different, and even with the biggest size brush, if you want to erase something that takes a majority of the screen, it takes a good amount of time to erase because the brush sizes are so small.

Under the ‘map it’ tab are all the graphs and diagrams. You can use pinch to zoom to change the size. I think a rotate tool or option would help, especially under the ‘map it’ tab when working with charts and diagrams. There is also text you can enter, but it only allows one size and you’re not able to change the font or color. This would have been very useful since this is a presentation app, but you can easily write something using the freeform tool.

In the ‘share it’ tab, you have your usual options such as posting to Facebook, Twitter, sending it in an email or printing it out. There is also a link to training videos and tutorials to help you out with your presentation. Overall, WhiteBoard Mojo is a great and easy to use presentation app.

There are a lot of options and creative tools to make your presentation stand out. The app may be somewhat expensive to some people, but it’s well worth it because there’s so much content to your disposal, not to mention how much time you can save by creating concepts, sketches, and presentations all within the same app.

Price: $9.99, App Store Link

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]


  • 50 ready to use drawings
  • Step-by-step video tutorials and interactive drawing lessons
  • Simple to follow interface


  • Can only choose from 5 colors under ‘draw it’ tab
  • Text can’t be edited
  • Brush sizes could be larger