The States Where iPhones and iPads Fear to Tread

The States Where iPhones and iPads Fear to Tread

All iOS devices fear for their electronic lives, waiting for their clumsy owners to drop them onto the floor, spill soda on them at lunch, or (shudder) drop them into the urinal at work. A new study says there a a few states in the U.S. that are a little more dangerous for iPhones and iPads than others.


It turns out that people are more prone to damage their iPads and iPhones in five states, according to data from SquareTrade, which offers repair warranties. Its data from the accidents its customers have reported show that an iPhone is more likely to be damaged in Mississippi, New Mexico, Rhode Island, North Dakota, and South Carolina.

The best place for a iPhone to live a long and happy life? Iowa. Or maybe it just SEEMS like they live longer there.

The states where iPads go to die are South Carolina, Mississippi, Nebraska, District of Columbia, and Alaska. Where can they be assured they’ll probably be around to see themselves become obsolete? Montana and West Virginia.

South Carolina and Mississippi are two places where both iPhones and iPads fear to tread.

The data doesn’t show why some states are more dangerous for iOS devices than others, it could weather patterns, numb fingers, sweaty palms, or just plain clumsiness. But, I’m betting the poor iPhones in North Dakota die of frostbite. Once that cold North Dakota winter gets into your microprocessor, it’s game over.

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