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Apple Discontinues Bumper For iPhone 5, But Why Would You Need One Anyway?

Apple Discontinues Bumper For iPhone 5, But Why Would You Need One Anyway?

Apple updated lots of stuff yesterday at its special event but also discontinued a few products. The iPhone 3GS was the main one to go six feet under, but perhaps a more overlooked product that also bit the dust is the iPhone bumper. It didn’t get upgraded for the new iPhone 5, with only iPhone 4 and 4S models available, Cult of Mac reports. But really, it doesn’t matter.

The bumper was created to counter the ‘antennagate’ issues in the iPhone 4, but now the iPhone 5 has been redesigned and the problems have been put to bed, there really is no need.

Furthermore, the iPhone 5 is also structurally stronger, and needs less protection. The iPhone 5 can drop and more than likely not break, even if you drop it face down. This is mainly down to the new Gorilla Glass 2, which is 20% stronger than the glass in the previous iPhones and a metal band wrapping around the device, keeping everything in place.

So while the iPhone 5 might not feel much different in terms of strength, you can bet your life that it is, and hence, no bumper case is necessary. And really, that can go for cases as well. Sure, if you want your iPhone to look nice you might want to, but there’s no real point from a protection standpoint, as the iPhone 5 is already strong enough as it is.

  1. I’ll wait for the stress tests to come out. Until we have one in our hands, this is conjecture.

  2. Jeff says:

    No point? Is that safe to say yet?

  3. James Stevenson says:

    This is such nonsense. Apple didn’t create the bumper in response to Antennagate – it came out the same time as iPhone 4. And people will still want to buy cases to protect their phones from scratches. What a stupid article.

    1. Flesh Rush says:

      Apple did create the bumper in response to antennagate that is why in first place they was given them away also free shipping

      1. Daniel Engel says:

        I actually bought mine, BEFORE Antennagate and was given a refund. I got my bumper the day I bought my phone!!

      1. Adrian says:

        You’re* 😉

    2. 4Catz says:

      You are correct! The guy who called u an idiot should look in the mirror!

  4. Josh_J_Ward says:

    I like the slight lift the bumper gives the iPhone from surfaces so it doesn’t get scratched if you place it on a table or something. Hopefully someone makes a 3rd party iPhone 5 bumper.

  5. Dwayne says:

    You don’t need to drop it on the face to break the glass. Breaks just as easily dropping it on a corner breaks it easily. The shock passes through the glass and the increased flexibility of the new Gorilla Glass is of little benefit.

    Also, while Gorilla Glass is extremely scratch resistant, we don’t know about the rest of the body. If the finish on MacBooks is any indicator of the scratch resistance of the aluminum phone body, I’m sure a case will be beneficial.

  6. My biggest worry is getting scratches on the camera lens. Its flush with the rear housing so it always worries me. Is this something I don’t need to consider?

    1. The camera lens is made of sapphire crystal – unless you carry loose diamonds in your pocket I wouldn’t worry about it scratching.

  7. Oboist says:

    I sent my phone back when I found out I couldn’t get a bumper. It has to do with the feeling in my hand. Without it the phone often falls out of my hand.

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